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A Conductor’s Analysis and Performance Guide for John Mackey’s Songs from the End of the World (2015). (2018) Directed by Drs. John R. Locke and Kevin M. Geraldi. 56pp.

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to provide background information, a conductor’s analysis, and a performance guide for John Mackey’s Songs from the End of the World (2015), a composition for soprano soloist, eleven winds, double bass, harp, piano, and percussion. Background information for this study emerged from interviews with Abby Jaques, poet; John Mackey, composer; Lindsay Kesselman, premiering soprano vocalist; and Kevin M. Geraldi, premiering conductor. The text, Mackey’s compositional choices, the premiering vocalist's approach to characterization, and the conductor's interpretive decisions are presented to reveal the work's structure, construction, and dramatic elements. Insight into challenges and approaches for presentations of this work is provided in the performance guide.

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