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Event Curator: Dr. William L. Lake, Jr.

"When They See Us": Giving Voice to the Pain is a social media movement

to discuss the issues of race in America. A series of discussions/panel

presentations were held online to foster discussions and an action plan

for social reform. 


The first panel featured diverse Black panelists who responded

to anonymous questions about race from across the internet. This first step

aims to allow attendees to ask questions in complete anonymity and listen to

responses from various viewpoints from within the Black experience

(education, law, religion, theology, business, art, voices from and after the

Civil Rights Movement, etc.)


The second panel featured diverse panelists from outside

the black community who will reflect on the testimony. and experience of

the first panel.

The third part of the series invited guest and participants to reflect on the conversations and

forge a plan for change in our communities.  

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