“That idea of peace and love toward humanity shouldn't be nationalistic or denominational.

It should be a chief concern for all mankind.”

“Good art provides people with a vocabulary about things they can't articulate.”

- Mos Def

"If there is a future wave of wellness on this planet, of harmony, of peace, of an end to war, of mutual understanding, of equality, of fairness, I don't expect it will come from a government, a military force, or a corporation. I no longer even expect it to come from the religions of the world, which together seem to have brought us as much war as they have peace. If there is a future of peace for humankind, if there is to be an understanding of how these invisible, internal things should fit together, I expect it will come from the artists, because that's what we do."

-Karl Paulnack


Star-Spangled Banner

Francis S. Key arr. John Clayton

 A Fanfare on Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing
James W. Johnson arr. Christopher Creswell

 A Mother of a Revolution: An Homage to 
Marsha "Pay-it-no-mind" Johnson

featuring the Department of
Theatre and Dance

Omar Thomas

Scott McAllister

A Movement for Rosa
featuring Homser Choir and
Eclectic Ensemble

Mark Camphouse

Make the Hear You from "Ragtime
Shavon Lloyd, Baritone
Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrnes 
arr. William L. Lake, Jr. and Anthony Rivera

Spirit from the Live Action Film
"The Lion King"

Sai Barnes, Alto | Department of Theatre and Dance
 Ilya SalmanzadehTimothy Lee McKenzie, 
and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter